Google explains why "Hiring is the Most Important Thing You Do"

Google explains why "Hiring is the Most Important Thing You Do"
For almost any organization, it’s the employees who make it what it is – doing the actual work and shaping the culture. That’s why hiring is the most important thing organizations do, and it pays to get it right.

Shannon Shaper, who looks at hiring effectiveness, shared some of Google’s approach to finding, assessing, and recruiting great talent. Shaper sits on Google’s hiring innovation team, which focuses on four main areas: finding quality candidates, making sure candidates and interviewers have a positive interview experience, making the hiring process efficient, and ensuring fair outcomes.

Shaper talked about Google’s approach to hiring and highlighted the pieces that any organization of any size can customize for its hiring needs, including how to review resumes, Google’s research around the optimal number of interviews, and why every organization should be using structured interviews.

She also covered why it’s important to train your interviewers and gave examples of good behavioral and hypothetical interview questions. “It takes a lot of training and calibration and practice to become really great at interviewing, but we have found from our research that it isn't that some people are better interviewers than other people. It's really the structure and the process that makes you a good or a bad interviewer. So if you're somebody who can follow that structure — you can follow instructions and ask good questions and engage with candidates — then you can be a great interviewer.”

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