New tool: Build a shared vision with your team

New tool: Build a shared vision with your team
Bring meaning to your team’s work. Check out this re:Work tool on how to set and communicate a team vision with your team.

Google’s manager research found that setting a vision is an important behavior of high-scoring managers. A clear team vision helps team members know where they’re going, what to work on, and inspires them with a clear connection to the organization’s mission.

To help managers create a vision with their team, this group exercise helps to set a common language and create shared expectations. In the session, a manager works with their team to define key components of their vision by reflecting together on some of the following questions:

  • Core values: what do we believe in?
  • Purpose: why do we exist?
  • Mission: what do we want to achieve?
  • Strategy: how will we realize our mission?
  • Goals: how do we plan to accomplish our strategies?

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