Reduce the influence of unconscious bias with these re:Work tools

Reduce the influence of unconscious bias with these re:Work tools
Our unconscious biases can help us make decisions quickly but sometimes they may lead us astray, especially when it comes to judging other people. When making hiring and promotion decisions, reduce potential unconscious biases by using these tools.
  • Unconscious Bias @ Work workshop [presentation + facilitator guide] - Start the conversation at your organization by giving your employees a common language to discuss unconscious biases. These materials cover a bit about the science of unconscious bias, why humans have it, and how it may sometimes have a negative influence in the workplace.
  • Unbiasing checklists for hiring and performance reviews [checklists] - Research suggests that checklists can help reduce the influence of unconscious bias in decision making. Google has tested checklists like these to highlight and remind people of common unconscious biases and provide employees with targeted unbiasing strategies.
  • Bias Busting @ Work workshop [presentation + facilitator guide] - Bias Busting @ Work is the follow-on to the Unconscious Bias @ Work workshop. This interactive session is aimed at helping employees explore how and when to intervene to counter subtle (and not so subtle) instances of bias.
  • Unbiasing discussion starter questions [team discussion guide] - Considering when and where team interactions might be influenced by unconscious bias can help you identify opportunities for unbiasing. These nine questions are conversation starters to help your team begin to address unconscious bias. These questions could lead to some heavy discussion, so it’s best to have someone lead this session who is knowledgeable about the research and has experience facilitating diversity conversations.