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Lessons from the classroom: how educators nudge students

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Lessons from the classroom: how educators nudge students
The Behavioral Insights Team partnered with Pearson Education to arm educators with practical tools to help students achieve their academic goals. Organizations should pay attention, too.

This World Teachers’ Day, we wanted to recognize the ways schools are incorporating behavioral science in the classroom. In partnership with Pearson Education, the Behavioral Insights Team has created a guide focused on what educators can say and do to motivate students to learn inside and outside of the classroom. The recommendations are based on research done by behavioral scientists in more than 7,500 schools in England.

While the guide is aimed at parents, teachers, and school leaders, organizations may also benefit from techniques that focus on building “soft skills” like perseverance, emotional intelligence, and creativity. And who knows, you might find some exercises that you want to try out at home, too.

Here are two of our favorite tools from the guide and how we think they might apply to the workplace: