New guide: Create an employee-to-employee learning program

New guide: Create an employee-to-employee learning program
Get tools and tips to run an employee-to-employee learning program and support an organizational culture of learning.

The newest re:Work guide breaks down how Google runs its “Googler-to-Googler” learning program so that others can create learning programs and have employees teach one another. The guide includes tools to help select instructors, trainings to teach teaching, surveys to assess effectiveness, and more.

Your own employees are perhaps the most qualified instructors available to you. Employees develop and grow by teaching others, and the people in your organization get to learn from peers with first-hand knowledge of the business. It can be a great way to scale learning curriculums within your organization, leading to a culture of learning that values continuous development and the sharing of knowledge and expertise.

Key to a successful employee-to-employee learning program are three beliefs:

  • All employees have the right to learn, regardless of location, role, tenure or level in the organization.
  • Learning is the responsibility of the entire organization, not just the Learning & Development team.
  • Employees are trusted to be smart, capable and motivated and have the capacity to grow the organization’s learning culture.