Tell us what’s working for you

Tell us what’s working for you
We have a saying at Google that inspires our product development and our People Operations work: “Focus on the user and all else will follow.” We want to learn how you're using re:Work content and how we can make it better.

Take this short survey and tell us.

In the five months since we launched re:Work, users from all over the world have been exploring and using the practices and ideas shared on the site. So far it seems the content about improving teams and managers has resonated most with you all. “The five keys to a successful Google team” has been our most read blog and Managers by far has been the most popular subject, with “Identify what makes a great manager” our most viewed guide and “Google's new manager training facilitator guide“ as the most downloaded tool. As for the case studies, JetBlue’s story about using job analyses to make better hiring decisions has been the top hit.

In the spirit of really understanding our re:Workers, we want to collect stories about how the content on the re:Work site has influenced you and hear how we can make re:Work more useful. Have you tried something new? Do you have plans for a new project or experiment? Do you have an idea for improving re:Work? If so, please share your feedback by taking this short survey. We’ll use your feedback to shape the re:Work experience, and share some of the best stories back with the community. Until then, happy re:Working!

~ The re:Work team