build Tool: Set and communicate a shared vision

Having a shared vision can help channel innovative efforts so that everyone knows what sorts of problems and challenges you’re setting out to solve. But this shared vision shouldn’t anchor you to the status quo — it should be a shared understanding that invites and encourages new ideas to solve the big problems your organization is tackling.

A shared vision aligns goals and priorities. People can see a change or new idea as a threat to their current work — especially when they don’t understand the context — and refuse to accept it. A shared vision can help remove the threat and empowers people to dedicate resources to a goal that’s universally accepted by the group. Try these:

  • [Tool] Develop a team vision together. The vision explains why the team exists, what the team is trying to achieve, and how it’ll get there.
  • Set audacious goals. Determine the objectives and key results (OKRs) to achieve your vision. At Google, OKRs are set at company, team, and individual levels each quarter. OKRs communicate where you’re headed and how progress will be measured.

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