Guide: Hire by committee


Hiring committees are built into the Google hiring process. Research shows that teams with divergent opinions can make better, less-biased decisions, something that's key to selecting a great hire. At Google a hiring manager can say "no" to any candidate, but if they find someone they want to hire, they alone cannot give a final “yes” — they must pass the candidate onto a hiring committee for review. The idea is that a single hiring manager isn’t necessarily motivated to wait or search for the very best candidate. Especially as a search drags on, the hiring manager is eager to fill the position. But making a quick hire to satisfy a short-term need is not a long-term solution for an organization. Hiring committees help select candidates who will be good for Google, who will grow with the company, and perhaps take on future roles that don’t exist today.

Hiring committees are great for several reasons. They can help:

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