Guide: Shape the candidate experience

Communicate during and after the interview

Google's hiring team tries to keep the lines of communication open and consistent with the candidate, particularly if the hiring process becomes longer than anticipated. You don't want to lose out on great candidates because they didn’t understand the process or thought your company wasn't interested. Google wants candidates to feel informed, treated fairly, and personally connected to the organization.

To do so, recruiters focus on the following throughout the interview process:

  • Tone. Make communication simple, understandable, and to-the-point. In person and over the phone, talk to them as you would a friend and address them by name. Candidates will appreciate when you are direct and human.
    • Example: Hi Kim, Thanks for applying to Google’s Site Reliability Engineering team. The hiring committee is currently reviewing your application. We’ll reach out again soon when we have an update on your status.
  • Timely. Communicate promptly with the candidate when significant events happen in the hiring process.
    • Example: “Hi Jose, Just wanted to call and let you know that I’ve received all the feedback from the interviewers and that your resume has been passed on to the hiring committee.”
  • Truthful. Whether the news is positive or negative, always tell the truth. This is ultimately best for the candidate.
    • Example: “Beth, the hiring manager, is still interviewing other candidates but your application is still under consideration. I’ll have another update for you next week.”

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