Guide: Shape the candidate experience

Prepare candidates for the interview

Research shows that making sure candidates know what to expect and how to prepare for an interview helps them perceive the process as being more fair.

Google also tries to help candidates focus on the interviews by making interview logistics simple. The hiring team sends a consolidated email with the following information to candidates:

  • Day-of logistics reminder:
    • Where to go, when to arrive, and what to wear (candidates always want to know!)
    • Directions on what to do when the candidate arrives (e.g., “check in at reception and I’ll come pick you up.”)
  • Interview schedule: While Google can’t always give candidates specific timing, the recruiters try to include the info they’ll care about, such as how long the day will be, how many people they’ll meet, and when they are scheduled for lunch or any breaks.
  • Interview prep material: Google recruiters give the candidate tips on how to prep for the interview, what types of questions will be asked and how Google makes hiring decisions.

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