Guide: Shape the candidate experience

Structure your time

When candidates come onsite for an interview, Google's not just assessing them, they're also assessing Google. Recruiters and interviewers want to sell them and show them that Google is a great place to work. Ultimately, Google wants them to come away from the experience feeling like they got their questions answered and were treated honestly and fairly throughout, even if they don’t wind up receiving a job offer. Every candidate could apply again at some point or even recommend your company to their friends. Good news travels fast and bad news travels even faster.

Here is a breakdown of how Google often structures interviews so both candidate and interviewer get the most out of the time.

Timing is Everything - It's your responsibility to make sure you have time for everything during the interview. Four main parts of an interview: Introduction, Interview questions, candidate questions, wrap up. For a 30-min interview: 2-min intro, 20-min interview questions, 5-min candidate questions, 3-min wrap up. For a 45-min interview: 5-min intro, 32-min interview questions, 5-min candidate questions, 3-min wrap up. For a 60-min interview: 7-min intro, 40-min interview questions, 8-min candidate questions, 5-min wrap up.

In addition to the interview structure, here are some ways Google works to deliver a great onsite experience:

  • Tailor the interview panel to match the candidate’s background and interests
  • Show the candidate around the workplace
  • Build in time to let them get to know the company, culture, and team
  • Build in extra time for questions

Don't forget that while selecting your next hire is a big decision for your organization, accepting a job offer can be life changing for the candidate.

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