Guide: Use structured interviewing

Draft your interview questions

Effective interview questions help with assessing candidates. Google's interview questions often contain an initial prompt, along with several follow-ups designed to understand the candidate's thought processes. The goal is to make the questions complex enough that candidates can't solve it by drawing on job experience alone.

Parts of an interview question:

  • The initial prompt introduces the scenario. This sentence is clear, concise, and phrased in a way that encourages candidates to explain their process and offer a solution. The scenario is usually a situation that could be realistically encountered on the job but does not require technical or job-specific skills to respond.
  • Follow-up questions are predetermined extensions of the initial prompt. They also help elicit a high level of detail from the candidate by encouraging them to thoroughly describe and explain their approach to solving the problem. Refer to your required attributes list to help you identify the ones that the initial prompt does not cover and then design your follow-up questions to address those areas.

Interviewers may not be looking to assess a correct answer, but instead want to judge the analytical thought process used to explore, define, and offer a solution to the problem.

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