Guide: Use structured interviewing

Know the components

Structured interviewing is a process where candidates are asked a consistent set of questions and clear criteria are used to assess the quality of responses. Structured interviews are used all the time in survey research. The idea is that any variation in candidate assessment is a result of the candidate’s performance, not because an interviewer has higher or lower standards, or asks easier or harder questions.

Google's hiring team has also found that structured interviews cause both candidates and interviewers to have a better experience and are perceived to be more fair based on feedback surveys and user studies.

Google’s approach to structured interviewing consists of four aspects:

  1. Using vetted, high-quality questions that are relevant to the role (no brainteasers!)
  2. Recording comprehensive feedback of candidate answers so evaluators can easily review responses
  3. Scoring with standardized rubrics so that all reviewers have a shared understanding of what a good, mediocre, and poor response looks like
  4. Providing interviewer training and calibration so that interviewers are confident and consistent in their assessments

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