Guide: Identify and define your metrics

Build analytical credibility

Once the Workforce Analytics team understood the gaps to being a truly data-driven HR function, it began a journey to close those gaps through:

A multi-year effort to standardize the data: The Workforce Analytics team – with partners from IT and system administration -- dedicated resources to investigate the accuracy and completeness of its data. This was a multi-year program to remedy data issues, establish governance standards, and create a central data warehouse. Clean and reliable data was critical for Gap Inc. to built its analytics credibility.

The establishment of a workforce analytics training program: Once the data standardization project was complete, the team was ready to use its analytics tool with the broader HR community. They developed a seven-session training program that covered topics such as building queries, recurring reports (i.e., dashboards), and general analytics topics (e.g., how to interpret results). Sessions were an hour-long and spread out over several months to provide bite-size bits of information for HR teams with high workloads.

The development of a grassroots community: The team also created a grassroots community of trained HR employees who use the tool regularly to build and pull reports. These power users were well-aligned on metric definitions, shared success stories and lessons learned, and helped break down silos across the brands and divisions.

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