Guide: Identify and define your metrics

Collect exit metrics

Exit, or termination, metrics help you understand why people leave an organization. Conducting an exit interview is a great way to gather data to calculate exit metrics. Gap Inc. uses exit interviews to understand why employees leave, when in their careers they exit, and where they’re going. This can help identify areas within the organization that are experiencing high turnover and determine if there are particular cohorts, employee demographics, or reasons for leaving that drive this trend. These insights can inform how retention strategies could be crafted.


  • Number of voluntary exits, or terminations
  • Number of retirements
  • Number of employees leaving to pursue new job
  • Number of employees leaving to pursue further education
  • Number of involuntary exits, or terminations


  • Employee turnover = number of total exits / total number of employees
  • Retention rate = ((total number of employees - number total exits) / (total number of employees))

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