Guide: Identify and define your metrics

Collect pre-offer hiring metrics

Pre-offer staffing metrics help Gap Inc. understand how its organization is attracting candidates, see where candidates might be getting lost in the process, and demonstrate the efficacy of recruiting and selection efforts overall. Gap Inc. recruiters use these metrics to identify hard-to-fill roles that either attract a low number of candidates or sit open for long periods of time.


  • number of applications per role
  • number of initial phone screens
  • number of on-site interviews
  • number of job offers extended
  • number job offers accepted


  • Percentage of candidates moving from online application to phone screen = number of phone screens / number of applicants
  • Percentage of candidates moving from phone screen to onsite interview = number of onsite interviews / number of phone screens
  • Percentage of job offers accepted = number of job offers accepted / total number of job offers extended

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