Guide: Identify and define your metrics

Train business partners

The Gap Inc. workforce analytics training program has helped create a culture of data-based decision making across the entire HR function.

Here are some of the changes they’ve seen:

  • An increase in workforce analytics tool users from single-digits to over 200
  • Increased leadership exposure to workforce data, leading to a desire for recurring reporting and workforce insights all the way up to the Board of Directors
  • A common language and set of definitions for the majority of workforce metrics across all brands and divisions, and ubiquitous adoption of the workforce analytics tool as the source of record for HR metrics
  • An increased interest in workforce analytics thanks to power-users teaching their business partners the value of the people data and ways to take action
  • More time for analysts to think strategically instead of manually pulling data

Through these trainings, the Workforce Analytics team and its business partners have set the foundation for more evidence-based, data-informed decisions in HR. This is just the beginning -- the team has much more planned in its analytics training strategy.

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