Guide: Create an employee-to-employee learning program

Recognize & reward

Think about meaningful recognition options for your facilitators. This can be a message to their manager explaining their great work, a certificate they can print, or physical rewards.

You may want to send your facilitators recognition if they've:

  • taken on a new challenge, such as facilitating a customized session
  • been an active member of the facilitator community, encouraging participation from others
  • volunteered to upskill a new facilitator, or provided qualitative feedback to an existing facilitator

You may want to also reward facilitators when they've met a milestone in their facilitator career, such as delivering their 5th session, their 10 session, reaching a 100% satisfied feedback score from participants, etc. Consider not publicizing when these milestones are to avoid creating a culture where participants are motivated if they’ll be recognized with physical rewards.

To keep facilitators engaged in an ongoing basis, consider creating a network and connecting all of your facilitators. Building a supportive, well-connected community with your facilitators will be well worth the effort in the long term. Program managers who have cultivated strong communities can rely more heavily on their facilitators to help them out with onboarding new facilitators, updating content, and handling custom requests. This can be done with a simple email list or you can hold regular meetings to convene facilitators. Encourage your facilitators to discuss best practices, content changes, new projects, and more.

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