build Tool: Use “One Simple Thing” for goal setting

Google makes available a popular goal-setting practice to encourage personal well-being called “One Simple Thing.” Individuals can set a goal to improve their well-being and work-life flexibility, and managers can help their team members adhere to those goals.

Team members can create their own non-work goal and share it with their manager. The goal should be something that will make a measurable impact on their well-being. Managers can encourage team members to explain how pursuing this one thing won't negatively affect their work. That goal then becomes part of a team member’s set of goals that managers should hold them accountable for, along with whatever work-related goals they already have. Managers can encourage their team members to share their “One Simple Thing” with other team members, maybe even friends and family at home, to ensure others are holding them accountable as well.

Here are some examples of “One Simple Thing” goals:

  • "I will take a one hour break three times a week to work out."
  • “I will leave the office by 6 pm twice per week to be able to play with my daughter before bed.”
  • “I will not read emails on the weekends.”
  • "I will disconnect on a one-week vacation this quarter.”

Make it your own: customize the tool below.

One Simple Thing worksheet

Use this worksheet to help team members set a goal to improve their well-being — then hold them to that goal.

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