Guide: Develop and support managers

Avoid pitfalls

From the Project Oxygen study, the team identified three manager pitfalls, or situations where managers of all types struggled, and tips we use to mitigate them.

When a manager has a tough or sudden transition (e.g., being quickly promoted or hired from outside with little training)

  • Tip: Provide guidance to new managers on the transition from individual contributor to manager and help them in the shift to leading others.
  • Tip: Develop onboarding resources for new managers that focus on understanding your organization's culture and expectations of successful managers.

When a manager lacks a consistent approach to performance management and career development

  • Tip: Encourage managers to hold 1:1 meetings and career development conversations with all their team members, not just the high or low performers.

When a manager spends too little time on managing and communicating

  • Tip: Make sure to show that the organization values management. Recognize and celebrate great managers and hold them up as role models and teachers.

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