Guide: Develop and support managers

Build a manager community

Google has built a community of manager peers to help them teach and learn from one another. There are official manager communities, but also unofficial groups that have self-organized. Both are great forums for managers to question, advise, and even vent to their fellow managers.

Here are some manager community ideas that have worked for at Google:

  • People manager mailing list: Create a mailing list where any people manager can join and discuss people management topics. Google's managers discuss anything from effective 1:1s to supporting a team member’s promotion to expense report policies. The People Operations team only chimes in if there are specific people-related questions. Otherwise, most questions are answered by fellow managers.
  • Informal forums to share ideas: From manager lunches to happy hours, Google has many forums for managers to share with and challenge each other.
  • Manager development events: If your managers are distributed geographically, getting them together regularly can be valuable. This can be made part of an existing get-together (e.g., conference, regional event). Plan some separate sessions to help build your manager community. Google regularly brings managers together to share best practices, network, and participate in trainings.
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