build Tool: Review Google’s new manager training

These course materials were originally designed for Google managers to help them transition from individual contributor roles to manager roles. In addition to building skills, the curriculum incorporates introspection, perspective shifting, and awareness building. This product has been influenced by years of iteration, internal and external research, and feedback from new managers. This version has been modified to make it as useful as possible for an external audience. Adapt it to fit your organization’s culture and needs.

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Google's new manager training facilitator guide

This guide helps the facilitator run the session, stay on time, and keep track of what’s coming up next. Print a copy for the facilitator to have in-hand during the session.

Google's new manager student workbook

This workbook includes interactive exercises for the students. Print copies of the workbook for each student.

Google's new manager training presentation slides

This presentation is the core of the training and is presented by the facilitator to the class during the session.

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