Guide: Empower your team

Adapt, assess, and collaborate

It can be difficult for a manager to find the right balance when supporting a team member. Too much oversight might feel like micromanagement; too little might set them up for failure. And this balance might change over time as a team member’s skills evolve. Managers don’t have to be mind readers to get this right. Google has found that discussing support levels with a team member can help to calibrate the manager.

To prepare for this discussion about how much support is appropriate, Google encourages managers to ask themselves these questions:

  • Assess: What is the capability and motivation of the team member who is going to be working on the task?
  • Adapt: What type of management style will be most effective for this team member?
  • Collaborate: What type of support will this team member need to complete the task successfully? Will the support come from you, or other team members?

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