Guide: Empower your team


Google Manager Behavior 2 Empowers team and does not micromanage.

Google's manager research revealed that effective managers empower their teams by giving them opportunities to stretch and grow in four ways. These managers:

  • Do not micromanage. Encourage managers to delegate work to their team and support team members who take initiative on new ideas.
  • Balance giving freedom with being available for advice. One Googler described how a manager empowered her team: "She lets people run with ideas, but knows when to step in and offer advice to not pursue a failing issue.”
  • Make it clear they trust their team. Suggest that managers give team members the authority to make decisions on their projects without constant check-ins. Avoiding the pitfalls of micromanagement can help build a culture of trust and accountability within a team.
  • Advocate for the team in the wider organization. Encourage managers to share their team’s accomplishments with their own managers and beyond.

The most effective managers usually realize that they work for their teams and not the other way around.

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