Guide: Give feedback to managers

Have managers share feedback with the team

Googlers are more likely to provide feedback if they believe it will be used. So it makes sense that Google's internal research shows that managers who openly discuss their feedback survey report with the team tend to score higher on future surveys. It’s a signal that the manager values the team’s feedback and is willing to adjust his/her behaviors. The content of the discussion can vary, from walking through a summary of the results to planning changes based on the team’s feedback.

Here are some tips to help managers have productive conversations about their team’s feedback:

  • Approach the results with a growth mindset because research shows it can impact how we learn.
  • Take time to review and digest the results.
  • Choose the most important theme and focus on just a few, actionable ways to improve.
  • Discuss the results and your plans with the team.
  • Follow up with clear commitments to action.
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