Guide: Set and communicate a team vision


Google Manager Behaviors 5 Is a good communicator - listens and shares information. 7 Has a clear vision/strategy for the team.

Google's manager research found that setting a vision is an important behavior of high-scoring managers. A clear team vision is helpful for a number of reasons, in particular:

  • It’s crucial to the success of a team. One highly-rated manager at Google explained that “having a compelling, shared vision is crucial to the success of your team, as it allows all of you to stay focused and move forward in the same direction. Conversely, not having a vision can dramatically hurt your team through lack of focus and a commensurate lack of momentum.”
  • Team members need to know where they’re going. A clear vision means that everyone on the team knows where they’re going, if they’re on track, and what success looks like.
  • It helps teams decide what to work on. A clear vision helps teams make trade-offs and prioritize. Managers should tie back to the vision when communicating decisions.

Once set, a manager also needs to be effective at communicating that vision to the team. Google's high-scoring managers are clear, concise, and honest in their verbal and written communications. But being a good communicator also means being an effective listener. Google encourages managers to be available for their teams and to encourage open dialogue and honest feedback, even when there's tough news.

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