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Given that we’re dealing with something unconscious, most people don’t realize when they’ve made an unconsciously biased comment or action. This means calling it out is an important ingredient to making the unconscious conscious.

Bias Busting @ Work is the follow-on to Unconscious Bias @ Work. The course is aimed at helping employees put awareness into action. Bias Busting @ Work is a scenario-based, interactive workshop where a facilitator hosts peer-to-peer discussions and role-playing around situations of unconscious bias. Participants are taught to identify these scenarios and effectively intervene.

The workshop is inspired and informed by the Ada Initiative and their Ally Skills workshop. We customized the content to make it relevant to Googlers and included scenarios based on real Googler experiences. We encourage you to tailor this content to suit your organization’s needs.

Make it your own: customize the tool below.

Google's Bias Busting @ Work Slides

Use and adapt this presentation to facilitate your own bias busting workshop.

Google's Bias Busting @ Work Facilitator Guide

Use the facilitator's guide for the bias busting workshop, complete with speaker notes, annotations, and instructions.

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