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Once the workshop was piloted and its impact evident, the team worked to make it available to all Googlers by using a “train-the-trainer” approach - getting Googlers to teach other Googler facilitators. Tapping into a passionate group of employees across the company, the team equipped facilitators to teach Googlers on their own. In order to both recognize the contributions of volunteer facilitators and help hold them accountable, their managers were also made aware of the teaching commitments and the employee and cultural impact of the efforts.

An important part of training facilitators was helping them become intimately familiar with the science of unconscious bias. Google has a data-driven culture, so knowing the research inside and out was key to building credibility with workshop participants. Jason, a Google Product Manager and UB@Work facilitator comments,

“Without knowing the science and data behind unconscious bias, our work as facilitators would never have the credibility necessary for the program to succeed. Besides, it is absolutely fascinating stuff."

Customize and deliver your own unconscious bias workshop in your organization by using the below presentation and facilitator guide.

Finally, a lot of companies are devoting great effort to create more inclusive workplaces and tackle unconscious bias. If you don't want to customize your own training you can use Google's Unconscious Bias @ Work video, take Microsoft's self-paced online training, or review Facebook's unconscious bias training. We're encouraged as more organizations share this important content, and look forward to more sharing over time.

Make it your own: customize the tool below.

Google's Unconscious Bias @ Work Slides

Use and adapt this presentation to give your own workshop.

Google's Unconscious Bias @ Work Facilitator Guide

Print and use the facilitator guide with speakers notes, instructions, and annotations.

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