Guide: Raise awareness about unconscious bias

Learn about Google's workshop experiment

The workshop sparked many internal conversations and Googlers shared examples of how they were unbiasing the workplace. But the team needed to know if Unconscious Bias @ Work was achieving its intended outcomes. If workshop effectiveness wasn't measured, it would be tough (if not impossible) to know what was and wasn't working.

The team launched an experiment during new hire orientation where Googlers were randomly assigned to one of three conditions: (1) participate in a live workshop, (2) watch the self-study video of the workshop, or (3) receive no unconscious bias training (control group). Through a self-reported survey, the team found that Googlers who went through the workshop showed statistically significant increases in awareness and understanding of unconscious bias, and motivation to overcome it. Those who watched the self-study video scored on par with those who went through the live workshop. Results persisted even one month after the workshop, where a follow up survey revealed that workshop participants were significantly more likely to perceive Google’s culture as fair, objective, and as valuing diversity, than those in the control group.

How effective was Unconscious Bias @ Work? How Googlers who received the workshop training compared to themselves and others. Compared to themselves before the training, participants were +16 points higher in awareness of unconscious bias. Compared to others with no training, Googlers +12 points higher in understanding of unconscious bias, +4 points higher in motivation to mitigate unconscious bias, and +4 points higher in perceiving the culture as fair.

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