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Blog Post: Stories and experiments from the UK Nudge Unit

Reinhard, an advisor at the UK Behavioural Insights Team, aka “the Nudge Unit," talked at the re:Work 2014 event about how organizations can better deliver services through thoughtful choice archi...
People Analytics

Blog Post: Use nudges to make your organization better

While the field of behavioral economics has been around for some time — many important papers on the subject surfaced in the last century, including Nobel Prize winning Kahneman and Tversky’s Prosp...
People Analytics

Blog Post: Nudge employees to save more for retirement

Imagine someone asked you how many stories tall the Leaning Tower of Pisa is. Before you’re able to give your response, they mention that Eiffel Tower is 81 stories tall. Without looking up the ans...
People Analytics

Blog Post: Nudge people to encourage ethical behavior

An expert in organizational behavior, Desai spoke at the re:Work 2016 event about three simple nudges: infusing accountability, displaying moral symbols, and using reminders of childhood. These ca...

Blog Post: Lessons from the classroom: how educators nudge students

This World Teachers’ Day, we wanted to recognize the ways schools are incorporating behavioral science in the classroom. In partnership with Pearson Education, the Behavioral Insights Team has crea...
People Analytics

Blog Post: Avoiding loss to make big gains in employee wellness

As nice and neat as traditional economic theory is, real life is anything but precise. Behavioral economics recognizes that being human means we can be short-sighted, emotional, and even make decis...
People Analytics

Blog Post: Google’s algorithm-powered internal job marketplace

gTech is a support and operations organization and within gTech the Users and Products division works to ensure users and partners get the most out of Google. For a long time, the team was organize...
Learning & Development

Blog Post: Leaders in People Analytics: Capital One’s ongoing quest to advance HR research

We met with Guru Sethupathy, head of People Analytics at Capital One. He’s been with Capital One for over a year and has been working in human capital, analytics, and economics for over a decade. H...
People Analytics

Blog Post: Whisper courses: on-the-job microlearning with email

Learning doesn’t always happen in a classroom. Research on learning shows that even within an hour, people can forget about 50% of the information. So when our team of learning and development spec...
Learning & Development

Blog Post: Hiring, honeybees, and human decision making

Dozens of studies have shown that the choices we make over what we eat, how we save, and even how we vote can be affected by how those choices are presented: their choice architecture. Research has...
Hiring People Analytics

Blog Post: Fighting incivility with machine learning at Alphabet’s Jigsaw

CJ Adams is product manager at Jigsaw, an incubator at Alphabet whose goal is to use technology to help people who are facing oppression. Adams studies incivility in online behavior and at the 2016...

Guide: Gather data and measure decisions

Measurement is key for successful unbiasing. Without understanding and tracking your undertakings, it's hard to know where to focus or how your efforts are faring. Here are three measurement categ...

Blog Post: Be thankful for the power of gratitude

Think of a time when something really good happened to you-- you landed a new job, you had a great dinner with a friend, you took an amazing vacation. At the time, you probably thought, “I am so ha...