Listen to this podcast on how Google hires

Listen to this podcast on how Google hires
Finding, assessing, and hiring exceptional talent is never easy, but there are ways to structure how you screen, interview, and woo candidates to help you make better decisions.

In a recent podcast from the Google Partners team, Lisa Stern Haynes, a longtime member of the recruiting team at Google, spoke about how Google does staffing. Listen to the podcast here on Google Play, iTunes, or Stitcher.

Haynes offered five tips that organizations can adopt to improve hiring decisions:

  1. Be consistent and open-minded when reviewing resumes. Screening for pre-determined qualifications can help you assess resumes consistently and make better, fairer decisions.
  2. You’re probably not as good at interviewing as you think you are. Use structured interviews with consistent questions and grading rubrics to make your interviews better.
  3. Make hiring decisions by consensus. It may slow things down, but having a hiring committee review hiring decisions can help you keep your hiring bar consistent for the long term.
  4. Make hiring part of everyone’s job. Train your employees on how you want them to interview and calibrate them on what a great hire looks like.
  5. Work to make a great candidate experience. Creating a fantastic experience for interviewees can boost your brand and influence a potential hire’s final decision.

Each episode of this podcast series features an interview with a different expert who share their insights on business topics such as instilling a culture of innovation and navigating startup life.