Structure your hiring process with these re:Work tools

Structure your hiring process with these re:Work tools
Hiring someone new is a critical decision for a team or organization, and every step of the hiring process contributes to the final outcome. Use these resources from Google to help you approach hiring in a fair and structured way.
  • Job description checklist [document] - Make sure your job postings are clear and consistent by using a checklist like this one from Google’s hiring team. A good job description should clearly explain the role and the work, and is your first opportunity to sell the candidate on your organization.
  • Sample structured interview grading rubric [document] - When interviewing people for the same role, structured interviewing helps you ask better questions, record feedback, and evaluate each candidate consistently. A rubric can help you determine ahead of time how to grade interview answers.
  • Interviewer best practices [cheat sheet handout] - Prepare your interviewers and remind them why interviewing is so important with practices and tips like the ones listed in this handout. Interviewers play a critical role in the hiring process and can have a big influence on your organizational culture.
  • Sample candidate survey [Google Forms survey] - Measure and understand how candidates are experiencing your hiring process with this sample survey. Giving candidates a positive experience can help you attract and impress the best talent.
  • Interviewer training checklist [document] - Ensure that your interviewers are ready to help you find the right talent by making sure you’ve answered all the questions on this checklist. The more interviewers understand what they’re looking for and how it fits into the larger picture, the more effective they can be.