Case Studies

Real stories of organizations everywhere using data to make work better.


Return Path: Reorienting HR around team effectiveness

By providing teams with data and the opportunity to give and receive feedback, Return Path improved team effectiveness.

Wegmans: Understanding how employees value their benefits

Wegmans needed to understand how their employees valued different parts of their benefits.

California Government Operations Agency: Defining leadership values and training managers

The California state government needed to clearly define their leadership values and realign all manager trainings.

JetBlue: Hiring crewmembers with the skills to thrive

JetBlue identified what made their great employees great and recalibrated hiring to identify those skills and attributes.

Riot Games: Assessing toxicity in the workplace

Riot Games, maker of the team-based video game League of Legends, wondered if in-game behavior could help predict workplace behavior.

KPMG: Motivating Employees Through a Deeper Sense of Purpose

KPMG reduced attrition and boosted engagement by getting employees to tell stories of their impactful and purposeful work.

NYC Department of Education: Understanding learning using surveys

The NYC DOE needed to know how employees viewed development and career opportunities, so they asked them.

Nationwide Brokerage Solutions: Using positivity to drive productivity

Nationwide Brokerage Solutions recognized that happiness is a choice and can be influenced by organizational decisions to empower employees.