Guide: Run an employee survey

Share the results

Once the survey is closed and all the data is collected, it’s time to analyze and share the results. Here are some guidelines to consider when doing so:

Socialize the results with leaders first and then have them reshare. It's often useful to share survey results with leaders first, making sure they have the full picture, and then have them deliver the results to their teams. Make the results widely available, but give leaders the opportunity to put them in context.

Share comparative results. It’s often useful for teams to see how their results stack up to the organizational average or how this year's results compare to results from the prior year. This can help identify organization-wide challenges and group-specific opportunities to improve or successes to be shared.

Share the good, the bad, and the ugly. When reporting the results, it's helpful to share them completely and objectively, no matter what they say. Selectively sharing results or omitting “bad” responses can destroy trust and your ability to get truthful answers.

Plan how to take action and share the plan. Sharing a plan to take action at the same time as results helps the organization immediately contextualize the data and demonstrates a commitment to action.

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