Guide: Hire by committee

Assemble content for committee review

Research shows that decision quality tends to be better when information is equally distributed across members. In the hiring committee context, an obvious way to avoid the discussion of unshared information is to ensure that all committee members have access to the same information.

Ahead of meeting, the hiring committee members should review the candidate packet, which can include:

  • Candidate resume/CV
  • Employee referral notes, if any
  • Internal references, if any
  • Interview questions and interviewer feedback
  • Recruiter notes (including trends across interviewers or anything the recruiter feels is very important to call out)

The hiring committee should not consider:

  • Competing offers
  • Compensation

After reviewing the packet but before the committee meeting, members should record individual comments on each candidate. Then at the start of the committee meeting, all comments are shared to facilitate a discussion and start deliberations.

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