Guide: Shape the candidate experience


Google defines the “candidate experience” to include every interaction a candidate has with the company, from getting an email that an application has been received all the way through to getting a phone call with a job offer.

Google's internal research shows that the interview process, and the interviewers in particular, are one of the biggest drivers of a candidate’s overall satisfaction with the hiring process, and can make or break a decision to accept an offer. Google also found that length of the hiring process in general was the leading driver in candidate experience. Google's hiring team is constantly working to make the interview process enjoyable and improve the experience for all candidates. In fact, 80% of people who have been interviewed and rejected report that they would still recommend a friend apply to Google.

Giving candidates a positive experience throughout the hiring process — from communicating expectations to keeping candidates up to date on new information — can help you attract and impress the best talent.

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