Guide: Train your interviewers

Avoid common interviewer mistakes

At Google, the hiring team collects feedback from candidates and uses it to inform and improve the interview experience. Based on this internal candidate feedback, the hiring team shares these basic tips with interviewers:

  • Show up on time. Being late throws off the candidate’s confidence, might take away from other interviewers' time, and shows a general lack of respect.
  • Don’t jump right into the questions. Candidates and interviewers both mention this often as a negative experience.
  • Make eye contact. A common complaint from candidates is that the interviewer was buried in note-taking. Take thorough notes, but conversational interviews require a high level of interaction.
  • Be humble. Another common piece of feedback is that interviewers seem like gatekeepers, judging a candidate in a high-pressure situation. No matter the candidate’s performance, the goal is to have them feel like they answered a challenging but role-related question and that you are working with them to assess their skill, not showing off your own.
  • Reassure the candidate. Don’t let candidates believe they are failing. Not all candidates will be successful in their interview, but it does not help them to feel like they don’t have any chance at success.
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