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Feedback is one of the most valuable things you can provide your facilitators. There are a variety of ways to collect and give feedback to facilitators:

  • Sit in on a training session. Observe at least one session of each facilitator and take notes and provide structured feedback afterwards. Consider having a content expert or another facilitator also sit in.
  • Collect feedback from your learners. After each training session, course attendees fill out a survey (see template below) to leave feedback on how the training went, and to rate their facilitator. The survey questions are a combination of 1-5 rating scale and open-ended question types. The feedback scores and comments are aggregated into a report for the facilitator so they can see where they’re doing well, and where they need to improve.
  • Give personalized 1:1 coaching. To help new or struggling facilitators, consider having a veteran facilitator meet with them one-one-one (“1:1”) to discuss training tips, advice, solutions, preparation for training sessions, and more. At Google, these sorts of coaching sessions have proven very effective at improving facilitator quality. In 2015, facilitator rating scores (as measured by the student surveys) increased by an average of .3 out of 5.0 following completion of one coaching session.

Make it your own: customize the tool below.

Post-Class Evaluation Survey

A customizable survey to send to learning participants after their sessions.

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