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Selecting the right people to teach the content makes a huge difference to the future success of an employee-to-employee learning program. By investing upfront in finding folks who are passionate about helping their peers grow, you’ll save time and resources later on by not having to struggle with volunteer accountability or motivation.

Here are a few tips on recruiting:

  • Make sure they’re interested: Having leaders nominate the best subject matter experts for the topic sounds like a good idea, but often it doesn’t work. A passion for teaching and sharing expertise is critical to a volunteer’s success. The Google team has found that g2g’ers who have been nominated to teach, but don’t have a passion for teaching, tend to have lower quality scores than those who self-select into the program. Assessing a candidate’s level of interest, not just their level of competency, has to be part of the process.
  • But, interest alone isn’t enough: Interest is critical when selecting volunteers, but you don’t want to just accept everyone who’s interested. It needs to be a balance between finding folks who are passionate about teaching as well as experts in the content.
  • Take the time to interview: Sit down with potential teachers to get to know them and assess their fit for the program. The g2g team hosts a short, introductory conversation (20-30 mins) to share a bit about the g2g program, expectations for participation, and to ensure the candidate has manager approval to participate. If both parties are still interested, there’s a demo “teach-in” where candidates are asked to give a mock training on any topic. There’s then a final meeting in which the team shares the decision to accept the candidate into the program or let them know that they’re not a fit and why.

Recruiting the right people for the right content is a critical step in building a successful peer-to-peer learning program, even if they’ve been nominated to participate by leadership.

Here are a few resources to help you along the way:

Make it your own: customize the tool below.

Facilitator Mock Training Assessment Sheet

Criteria and instructions for evaluating the facilitation skills of your candidates.

Interview Guide for Evaluating Facilitators

Tips and questions for how to conduct an effective interview that will give you insight into the skills and motivation of your candidates.

Facilitator Mock Training Prep Guide

Guidance for facilitator candidates to help them prepare to demonstrate their facilitation skills during a short mock training session.

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