Guide: Use structure and criteria

Try decision-making by committee

Google often uses committees to make some of the most important people decisions. Making decisions by committee might be tough or uncomfortable at times, but research shows that teams with divergent opinions can make better, less-biased decisions.

For example, hiring committees are used to review and assess candidates in the final stages of the hiring process. While decision by committee may require extra time, the trade-off is often worth it as it’s far more productive to make the best hire the first time than deal with a bad hire over time.

Another example is Google's use of committees in the promotion process to discuss and make decisions. The committee discusses criteria for promotion first, and then collectively assesses all promotion candidates using that same criteria.

If you’re going to have multiple committees of any given type, it’s important to know that the committees are making decisions based on the same set of expectations and criteria. Calibration committees are designed to set and maintain the decision-making bar and are crucial for keeping processes fair and consistent. At Google, calibration committees help ensure consistency across performance management and promotion processes. Yes, committees on committees might seem overly bureaucratic, but it can be helpful to make sure you're achieving the best outcome.

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