Learning & Development

Learning and development opportunities are tied closely with employee engagement and productivity. Empower your employees to grow and develop by making learning part of everyone’s job.

Learning requires motivation, and research shows that people who seek opportunities to learn and grow tend to achieve more than those who believe they’re born with all the abilities they’ll ever have. The same research states that employees at companies who embrace this passion for learning and growing tend to feel more empowered and committed.

When it comes to learning at Google, there are some things we know to be true. We call these truths our learning beliefs, and they inform how we design and deliver learning to Googlers now and in the future. First, learning is a process, not an event. It takes motivation, practice, and feedback. Second, learning happens in real life. We learn when we’re challenged. Learning doesn’t only happen in a classroom; Googlers tell us that they learn on-the-job, every day. Third, learning is personal. Everyone has their own preferences and motivations about how, when and what they learn. We want every Googler to know how they learn and take an active role in shaping their own experiences. Lastly, learning is social. Googlers tell us they turn to each other most for advice, information, and help. So we intentionally create opportunities for Googlers to learn from one another and build their networks. In fact, more courses are taught by Googlers participating in our peer-to-peer learning network (a.k.a. g2g) than by instructors from our own team in People Operations.